Jewelry Care

Please do not shower, swim, or clean your house while wearing your jewelry. Chemicals will wear away and damage materials used in the fabrication of your piece.

Please remove your jewelry before engaging in high impact activities.

Sapphire bead necklaces will need to be re-strung every 2 years, or yearly, if you wear your necklace often. Please contact a local jeweler for this service.

Do not remove your jewelry by pulling on your gems.

Never store your jewelry in piles, or they will scratch each other. Ideally, store your individual pieces wrapped in silk or acid-free paper in air tight zip-lock bags to prevent tarnishing.

The safest method to clean most jewelry is with warm mildly soapy water and a soft brush. Mechanical cleaners are generally safe for rubies and sapphires. If your piece is having a patina it will remove through cleaning. You then have the choice of leaving your piece polished, or to contact me for a re-patina order

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